Day 2

 The second day of our study week have been intense but we are really happy with results.

 During the morning we attended to a Workshop on video production with Kyra Clausen in Kiel University. She gave us an explanation about the most used method for making videos and we discussed about advantages an disadvantages of each one. As a final product of this workshop, in groups we created our own videos!

 We had no much time, but we had a lot of fun. Here you can see our video about Selfproduced videos in language teaching: a trend or didactic potential? It´s been really interesting to make this video, we were four girls from different countries . We all have the same opinion about that selfproduced videos is a didactic potential, but we needed our time to agree on how to put it on a image. During the video making was interesting to listen to my partners and how they explain their point of view.

 After having lunch we went to Hebbelschule to interview Sabine Burkhardt. She told us about e-twinning. She explain to us one of the current projects, “Does the earth have borders? Migration and Human-Rights”. It has been so inspiring to listen to her and how students, with projects like this, can learn interacting with students from other countries.

After going back to school, we made a online meeting with the other partners. It´s has been nice to see them all!


Online meeting

 As a final conclusion of Day 2, I would like to say that I have learnt so much and that to listen to Kyra Clausen has been inspiring. They we she explained to us how she goes ahead with projects and how she balance it with his personal life. I feel that, when you love what you do, you can find the balance and will work on it not as a job but as something that enrich your life and spirit.


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