Day 3

 In our third day of our study week we started very early in the morning at Humboldt-Schule to observe an Spanish lesson. Teacher has been very kind, she show us the main places of the building and gave us some information before entered into the classroom. It has been an interesting experience to see how a teacher with German as mother language teaches Spanish. It has been the first time I had an opportunity like this.

 My mates and I had received the day before a copy of the material students would work on this class. I was specially happy, because the unit was about Argentina. They would word with a text in which four Argentinian explain What does to be Argentinean mean?. In the class, when the finished this activity, teacher asked me if the information in the text were correct and what was my opinion about what to be Argentinean mean. Students listened to me with interest and some of them with a smile on their faces. It has been really nice for me to have the opportunity of being part of the class and shearing with the students some information about the culture of my country.

 After this experience, I reflected on how nice is for student to have the chance of speaking, even for 10 minutes, with a native Spanish speaker who come from the country their are studying in class. This is the main question I asked myself:

  Could be possible to organize something that allow students to do this as part of their lessons?