Teaching and learning with technology

 In this section, you´ll find my job in relation with Tutorial 2 before the study week in Kiel, Germany. In this tutorial we are working on different aspects related with teaching and learning with technology.

Task 1: Digital native debate

 After having watched Mark Prensky´s video Digital Native and Bennett´s video The Dangerous Idea of the Digital Native, with another three students (Karen and Cristina) discussed on WhatsApp about if we consider ourself to be digital native, our experiences with technologies as students and the impact this might have on our teaching.  Here you can find … Sigue leyendo Task 1: Digital native debate

Task 3: Teaching and Learning with Technology

 Today with my classmates from University of Barcelona after having watching a video about Skinner´s theory of learning and reading something about Constructivism, we had in interesting discussion on WhatsApp about these topics, the relationship with the classroom and our own experience as students.  You can find our discussion below: Jess: Hi! Cristina: Hi! Karen: Hi girls! Jess: … Sigue leyendo Task 3: Teaching and Learning with Technology