Task 1: Digital native debate

 After having watched Mark Prensky´s video Digital Native and Bennett´s video The Dangerous Idea of the Digital Native, with another three students (Karen and Cristina) discussed on WhatsApp about if we consider ourself to be digital native, our experiences with technologies as students and the impact this might have on our teaching.

 Here you can find our chat. It was a interesting conversation and, as a result, I think I am the only one who miss chalks for teaching 😄

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Karen: Hiiii!

Cristina: Hiii!

Jess: Did you see the videos?

Karen: Just ending the second video now

Jess: Ok

Cristina: Yes! Did you find them interesting?

Karen: I love the second

Karen: just the idea of that a current boy it is not a native digital always

Karen: What do you think?

Jess: Yes! They made me realize that I lived lot of interesting changes in technology along my life

Cristina: Yeah, me too. Actually, I think that Mark was a better speaker than the woman but the content of the second one was more interesting in my opinion.

Jess: I think we can use an expression like “digital natives” as a general idea but we know that is not true.

Cristina: I think that the idea of technology changing our way of learning it’s true and there’s evidence of that all around. However, I don’t think that the idea of a digital native works out well

Karen: Yes, I think that the most of sure is that all of us think that the time flies, the time changes and of course education should do it too

Karen: isn’t it?

Cristina: Exactly, times change, but we cannot include a person in this category just because he or she was born in this century

Jess: I agree

Karen: Even though it is true that I am more expert that my mother with technologies

Karen: However, I don’t think that I am a digital native

Cristina: This person might not have received a proper training in terms of technology so when he has to use some digital devices, he might struggle

Karen: neither my nephews for example

Karen: just according with the idea of the women

Cristina: Yes, that’s true, but maybe it’s because we have been more in contact with these devices than them

Cristina: the more practice, the better skills we have

Karen: and it is true that we are learning all the time with that kind of devices, since we were young

Jess: In my experience, all my knowledge in technology is because of my school and jobs experiences. For my parents this world is something unknown….

Karen: absolutely!!!

Karen: I don’t know what you thing, but for me that kind of videos remains me to some articles from Cassany

Karen: talking about technologies and how to use it in clase

Jess: Yes!

Karen: also for evaluation!

Cristina: Yes! Actually my parents have some basic knowledge in this topic but I haven’t learnt from them. I just learnt by practicing by myself, friends who told me new things, etc. at school we didn’t work with computers or anything like that so I wouldn’t say I learnt it from there.

Karen: they were meanful

Cristina: Having meaningful sources of knowledge is a very powerful way to improve your skills

Karen: Never? Neither in your degree as a translator?

Jess: I remember those articles…. I still don’t feel 100% comfortable with technology in my classroom but I know that is something necessary….

Karen: yeah! I agree with you, me neither

Cristina: Yes at university yes! But I was thinking of high school when I explained that

Jess: Ah ok

Karen: I am not the best TIC ever! I like some skill from them, but I am not feeling really comfortable

Cristina: Sometimes you feel more comfortable using traditional materials but as teachers we should try to include new digital devices and other technology stuff in our lessons

Jess: You are right

Karen: neither in your ESO or bachiller? I remember doing some biology homework at home with the table computer, for example

Karen: for sure! that’s right, but I don’t know if it is necessary to do it all the time

Karen: time

Karen: you know?

Cristina: I had to do some works, essays, etc, but they didn’t teach us anything related with computers or tried to use them in class

Karen: For example, I am loving Kahoots! and I remember de electronic whiteboard from Education First, I really fall in love with it! But… why not to combine?

Jess: Just a good balance

Cristina: Maybe not everything at the same time but in some lessons include activities that should be done with computers, tablets, etc.

Karen: the electronic

Cristina: Exactly!

Karen: I remember I love this whiteboard just because it seems it combines both methods you know?

Cristina: Yeah, students and teachers have their paper books but teachers have the electronic resource as well to use in class and that’s a great idea

Jess: Sometimes I miss using chalks… don’t you?

Jess: 🙃

Karen: jajajajajajajajajaja poor Jess. Obviously!

Cristina: No hahah I hated chalks… that kind of noise they make when you write on the blackboard it’s quite annoying

Jess: Jajajajjaja

Cristina: I prefer pen boards. They are much cleaner!

Karen: the noise is the bad thing of chalks… I agree too

Jess: The use of chalks is an art….

Karen: but they sometimes make this noise too…

Jess: Really? Are you using the right marker???

Karen: Don’t you remember at International House?

Jess: Yes!!! Jajajaj

Jess: I remember 🤣


And… what do you think?. Do you consider yourself to be a digital native?



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