Task 2: What makes a good teacher?


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 On October 2018 I posted on my e-portfolio about How is a good languages teacher and on the first paragraph I wrote:

En mi opinión, un buen profesor de idiomas es aquel que sabe motivar a los alumnos y acompaña el aprendizaje de estos guiándolos durante el proceso.

In my opinion, a good languages teacher is who know how to motivate students and accompanies their learning by guiding them during the process.

 Today I decided to search an image on internet that represent my idea of a good teacher. I should admit that the idea of searching an image on internet sounds nice… but I never thought that to find a picture with all the characteristics I believe a good teacher need would be so difficult!. Finally, I chose one of the first pictures I had found… This picture shows how teachers (not only a languages teacher) help students to open different windows to knowledge.

 In my opinion, a good teacher should be organize with his classes, have active listening with students and be constantly updated on teaching methods and technologies, in order to be able to bring students the tools they need to learn according to their needs. Another characteristic that I consider important is the ability to accept that as a teacher he/she will never have all the answers, but that will always have the opportunity to find out the information that is asked to then to communicate it to the students. At last, but not less important, a good teacher should love what he/she does because this will make a difference.

 I would like to read your point of view about this topic, you can leave your comments below.

Thank you!


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